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Educational DVD

The Living Downstream Educational DVD is currently available for purchase by educational institutions and nonprofit organizations and includes public performance rights and a wide range of educational special features.

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For professional use by educators, organizations, and community groups. Currently available only in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

$115 USD Single High School / Small Organization (< 10 staff)
$295 USD School Board / University / Library / Large Org (> 10 staff)
$  60 USD Grassroots Group (volunteer-run)

Please add $15 for shipping and handling.
Shipments are made every Friday by USPS/Canada Post and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. If you require a faster shipment, please contact us before placing your order.

To order with a purchase order, please send your PO to:
Chanda Chevannes, The People's Picture Company, 1655 Dupont St., Studio 336, Toronto, ON, M6P 3V6 Canada
Send by email to or by fax to (647) 342-2867

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The Living Downstream Educational DVD includes the following elements:

•    Feature-Length Film (85 minutes)
•    One-Hour Version (55 minutes)
•    Single Scene 
Allowing viewers and educators to select specific scenes for viewing.
•    Scene Compilations 
Compilations of scenes to meet thematic viewing needs.
•    Mini Docs 
Five-minute documentaries using additional scenes, deleted interviews, and previously unseen footage to explain social principles and scientific processes.
•    Commentary Tracks 
Featuring Sandra Steingraber, Chanda Chevannes (producer/director), Nathan Shields (producer/editor), and Benjamin Gervais (director of photography) discussing the production of the film.
•    English Subtitles
The Educational DVD comes with the following downloadable electronic guides (and the option to receive one of these guides in print):

Living Downstream ~ In the Community
A guide for nonprofits, community groups, and professionals seeking to engage individuals in the topic of cancer and the environment. Designed to help individuals and organizations to raise awareness and inspire action, this guide includes tips for holding screenings, workshop session outlines, and action ideas. This guide is now available in PDF format.

Living Downstream ~ In the Classroom
A guide for educators who wish to use the film in their teaching. Filled with lesson plans, review questions, key concepts, and extension activities, it is designed to encourage critical thinking. Produced in collaboration with teachers and their students, this guide includes a assignment ideas, resources lists, and glossaries of terms. This guide is currently in production, with a target release date of Fall 2012.

Learn more about the guides.

The Educational DVD is designed for use by nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Purchase of the DVD gives you the right to screen the film publicly for nonprofit or eduational purposes. Individuals and families wishing to purchase the film are encouraged to purchase the Home Video DVD at

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The Home Video and Educational DVDs are now available.

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