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Classroom Guide


Living Downstream ~ In the Classroom

For Educational Use
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This comprehensive guide equips educators for planning lessons, study units, learning assignments, special events, and extracurricular projects. Use this guide to encourage media literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving among your students. Produced in collaboration with teachers and students, this guide is ideal for secondary schools, universities, and libraries.


Community Guide


Living Downstream ~ In the Community

For Community/Non-Profit/Professional Use
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This comprehensive guide equips nonprofits, community groups, and professionals seeking to engage individuals in the topic of cancer and the environment. Produced in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and grassroots activists, the guide is designed to help individuals and organizations raise awareness and inspire action. 200 pages in length, it is a robust resource for holding screenings, training screening organizers, leading workshops, and creating grassroots campaigns.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the Trailer

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