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What the Media Are Saying

“An absolute must-see. Excuse my clichés, but Living Downstream is powerful, it is inspiring, it is moving, it is—quietly, like our hero—a tear-jerker. And, upon seeing it yourself, you are likely to make similar exhortations to your friends and family.”

~ Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine
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“Handsomely photographed and powerfully argued. . . . Steingraber's scientific cool and unflagging sense of mission make for an arresting portrait of a self-styled modern-day Rachel Carson.”

~ Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post
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“A convincing and necessary documentary. It’s also, despite its daunting subject matter, a movie you’ll want to watch. . . . A few pitch-perfect moments provide all the emotional force you would expect from a ‘cancer movie,’ minus the unpleasant tang of emotional manipulation.”

“Living Downstream does an excellent job of engaging the viewer’s curiosity and telling an inconvenient truth through the lens of interesting science and one fascinating woman.”

~ Ali Gadbow, Missoula Independent
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“Powerful . . . haunting.”

~ Catherine Porter, Toronto Star
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“A thoughtfully designed documentary that delights in its medium.”

~ Stephanie Kirkwood Walker, Journal of Religion and Film
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“Easy to watch and hard to forget.”

~ Evan Moore, The Free Press (Columbus OH)
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“The film is at times intimate, at other times shocking, and occasionally tragically humorous.”

~ Jamie Kelly, The Missoulian
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“A visually elegant, feature-length documentary. . . . The film, as Steingraber describes it, is ‘hopeful, funny, ennobling.’”

~ Dori Gilels, Mamalode magazine, Missoula
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What the Public Are Saying

“You cannot watch this documentary and fail to be alarmed. . . . This documentary makes it impossible to hide behind the numbers and the verbiage and fail to see the big picture.”

~ Ed Stermer, Instructor of Earth Sciences, Illinois Central College quoted by Clare Howard, Peoria Journal Star
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Living Downstream is extraordinarily beautiful. Delicate and powerful and righteous, like Sandra herself.”

~ Charlotte Brody, Director of Chemicals and Green Chemistry, BlueGreen Alliance


“A work of great value and beauty. Living Downstream is timely, inspiring, and simultaneously an homage to the work that's been done and an articulate call for what needs to be done.”

~ Carmi Orenstein, M.P.H., Former Assistant Director and Health Educator of the Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, Cornell University


"This film provides a unique opportunity to take Sandra Steingraber's critical message about the need for primary prevention to wider audiences in schools, workplaces, institutions, communities of all kinds and the media." 

~ Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, Ph.D., Educator at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto


“An incredibly moving film. Living Downstream is informative on many levels, with just the right amount of detail. It will reach out to those outside the environmental health movement, rather than just speaking to those within. It will connect us all and it will help us to reflect on how contamination of the environment is contributing to the cancer epidemic.”

~ Genon Jensen, Executive Director of Health and Environment Alliance


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